Mini Electric Popcorn Maker

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  • Faster and More Effective.Our mini electric popcorn maker is faster and more effective than other popcorn machines. It can pop small grains of corns 50~100 grams in several minutes.
  • Uniformly Heated .Corns are uniformly heated, popped and blew out and it won’t stick on the shell.
  • Easy to Clean. It’s easy to clean and use. Clean the plastic parts of the popcorn maker with a damp cloth, and other detachable parts to wash with water.
  • Brand New.Brand new and high quality mini electric popcorn machine for home use.
  • Good Gift. This product is suitable for pop small corn kernels. Please do not add oil or seasonings in the machine. A good gift for kids, teens and friends and family.
  • 1.Do not put any cream, butter or seasonings in the machine.2.The machine is of high temperature while operating, so please do not touch it. Wait for all corn kernels are popped well and the temperature goes low, then pour out these corns.3.After finish, please turn off the machine switch and plug off the plug. Don’t use it without kernels.4.The machine should be used under the supervision of adults or parents, and kids cannot use it alone.5.No need to clean it with water. Just wipe it with kitchen paper/towel or dry cloth.6.It is operated in high efficiency by hot air, so there is little chance of failed corn popping.7.It necessary to let the machine dissipate heat for 10 minutes while it is continuously operating for about 5 minutes.
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