Gesture Controlled Smart Car

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When it comes to remote-control cars, not everyone “takes” to traditional joystick or trigger-style remotes.

If you’re one of those people, then you might be interested in the Ultigesture Gesture-Controlled Smart Car.

It’s controlled using arm movements, via a remote wristband.

Moving the hand down causes the car to move forward, and moving it up makes the car go backward – the farther the arm is moved in either direction, the faster the speed.

Right-hand turns are initiated by twisting the arm clockwise, while a counter-clockwise twist results in a left-hand turn.

Product Details:

– Requires 2xAA battery (not included)

– Size: 42*22*9.5cm/16.54*8.66*3.74in

– Average Speed: ~15mph

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